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Pan Am Clipper Flying Boats

Dining Room of Boeing Clipper

Dining Room of Boeing Clipper

Pan Am Clipper flying boats were the first true intercontinental passenger airplanes; they crossed the Atlantic and Pacific and circled Latin America in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

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Breguet 393T

Air France began operating six Breguet 393T biplanes between Toulouse and Casablanca in 1934, on the first leg of the Air France service to South America.

Passengers:  10
Pilots:  2
Max. speed    249 km/h
Cruise speed    235 km/h
Wingspan    20.60 m
Length    14.76 m
Range    975 km
Take-off weight: 6,000 kg
Engines: 3 x Gnome-Rhone 7Kd Titan Major radial, 261kW


The Pan Am China Clipper

Pan Am's China Clipper

Perhaps the most famous flying boat of all time, Pan American’s China Clipper was one of three Martin M-130’s operated by Pan Am.  It made the first scheduled air mail flight across the Pacific in November, 1935.

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