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The Pan Am China Clipper

Pan Am's China Clipper

Perhaps the most famous flying boat of all time, Pan American’s China Clipper was one of three Martin M-130’s operated by Pan Am.  It made the first scheduled air mail flight across the Pacific in November, 1935.

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  • BIARD Florent Charles April 16, 2013, 12:27 am

    I used to fly Panam and I was totally thrilled about it. There were some kind of magic on board…Panam’s Savoir Faire, Panam’s welcoming process, Panam’s way of making us being special are qualities I retain…I made my very firs flight to the USA with them …and I do not count how many times I crossed the Atllantic since that time in order to visit this great, wonderful and dear America …The only regret I had with Panam, is that they never flew non stop from CDG to SFO or LAX. But in an another hand that was meaning more time on board with them! Thank-you for the wonderful memories you are bringing back to me and for the quality of your website…

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