Air France’s “Golden Parisian”
Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation

Air France Golden Parisian Bedroom

Air France introduced its “Golden Parisian” service in 1953, using a Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation (F-BGNI) that could fly nonstop between New York and Paris in just 12 hours.

The Golden Parisian carried only 32 passengers (instead of the usual 56) and was equipped with sleeper seats, private cabins with beds, and a lounge.  The flight from Paris to New York was called “Parisien Spécial.”

Passengers dined on gourmet fare including lobster medallion, duckling à l’orange, and foie gras with truffles, and were offered free champagne, wines, liqueurs, and American cigarettes during the flight.

The flight cost an extra $25 above the regular $415 first-class fare, for passengers traveling a sleeper-seat; the private cabins were available for an additional $125.

Parisien Spécial Air France

Air France Golden Parisian Steward Serving Drinks

Air France Golden Parisian Meal Service

Air France Flight 045 left Paris-Orly at 11:00 PM and landed in New York at 7:40 AM; the return, Air France Flight 044, left New York at 7:00 PM and arrived at Paris-Orly at 12:35.

Air France created a wonderful website about its transatlantic history which includes a video featuring the Golden Parisian and other Air France flights.

Air France transatlantic flight history


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